Michael Ivy My CMS lecture


Okay so like 5 minutes ago my lecture just marked my blog and  started to follow me I am literally freaking out because he said he only follows blogs that are interesting . I really thought I was failing this blog because it’s so difficult but I’m so grateful I’m not. Thank you to all that is supporting me it means alot


Marilyn Monroe’s make style


Part of my last costume make up and style class I had  to sit in and watch the third year students do make up and teach us first years the do’s and don’ts of make up. Their assignment was to do a period look focussing on the type of make up style Marilyn Monroe wore.  This was really a awesome class  and would love to have more of these classes and learn more.

Mood board


So Friday the 13 of March 2015 was my last  CMS  class  ever and my last assignment was to make a mood board that best describes the film I’m shooting,which is called  “Dynamite comes in small packages “. The film is about a young female who had  a trouble upbringing and now has  anger management issues hence the pictures of girls in black and they crying which evokes an emotion of sadness to the audience. The bright colours on the mood board is to indicate that  the protagonist in the film comes to a point in her life that she needs help in order to recover from her past and have a brighter and healthier future.

Needing help

hey my name is Mery  and I am a first year student at Afda Cape Town South Africa and currently studying costume , make up and style and for this class I need to start a blog  which I will be marked on and post pictures of what I’m doing in this course.  At the moment it’s a bit difficult for me as to how to use this app and what to blog so that people can follow me and that I can get marks because I will be assessed on well my blog does. So for anyone reading this out there in the world PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!! 


Hey my name is mery I am a first year student at Afda Cape Town currently doing production design and costume, make up and style.  It’s all new to me but  am so excited to share my experience with you all hope to get as much support as I can  would really appreciate it.  Hope  you  all enjoy my blog